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Purchased new by R. Clark through New York Ferrari agent Luigi Chinetti Motors.
Mr. Clark accepted European delivery and had Daytona’s first service completed at the Ferrari Factory Service Works in Modena.
Mr. Clark used the car in and around Europe for a time, then imported it to the U.S. and kept the car for some 15 years before selling in 1988.
Ferrari of Los Gatos was the next owner.

The car was then acquired by Swiss collector Uwe Willers and imported to Europe - and enjoyed from 1988-1993.  
The car was sold to Mr. Angelo Sulas in 1994, who kept the car until 2004 - and under this ownership, the car was commissioned to Ferrari F1 technician Uwe Meissner of Modena Motorsports for a complete engine rebuild, which is photo documented.
In 2005 the car was sold to Belgian collector Kees Volkers in 2005, Henry Hoek in 2008, and Christian Bavery in 2010, who consigned a new interior with the infamous Tappazzeria Luppi in Modena.
A repaint was completed at Bachelli.

A full stainless exhaust was added in 2005, and rare 7” & 9” Campagnolo wheels with Michelin XWX tires, spare tire, and jack + options are present. Wheels with Michelin XWX tires, spare tire, and jack + options are present.
The car is Ferrari Classiche certified and has a host of documents, including the original build sheet, first factory service, and a good number of repair invoices and photo documentation of the engine rebuild.

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